It: Chapter 2

It:Chapter 2 was an amazing movie that added a great conclusion to the first installment that we all loved. The motion picture added a few scenes from the Stephen King novel that were not in the original 1990 movie, which gave the hardcore fans a lot to be happy about. The casting was so spot on that you found yourself immediately picking up which actors were playing which characters. The jump scares were at times corny and a little too constant, but they were very much at the same pace as the prior movie. When compared to It: Chapter 1, I like number 2 a bit better. Me being a sucker for story conclusion movies this one made me very pleased and feeling resolved when I left the theater. When it comes to being a legit “scary” horror movie I find it a bit lackluster and childish but you know you’re not gonna get something super scary coming into it in the first place. Will I watch the movie again? Of course. Will I purchase it on Blu-Ray? You can guarantee that. 9/10

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