Oh my god what did I just witness?!?! Midsommar could possibly beat out Gummo and Donnie Darko for the title as the most bizarre movie I have ever seen. I took a day or two to process the movie and this is what I came up with.


I went in to the movie totally expecting it to be a film about the cult that you see at the end of Hereditary. I knew it had the potential to be odd and very scary but I didn’t expect it to be that shockingly weird. It started out super slow, so slow that I found myself at multiple occasions checking my phone to see how much time was left in the film. The acting was super poor and they totally pushed a little too far with characters acting more clueless than the normal reasonable human would be. They dive heavily into getting the viewer to somewhat hate a character early in the film and you already knew 20-30 min in that it wasn’t going to end well for this character.

I tend to hype myself up as a horrorphile, but for how excited I was for this movie and how I even like pretty terribly written and corny horror films, I was very let down and I could even say I didn’t like it the movie. I feel like there is still something there for the Midsommar cult in a followup film. The overall premise is still scary as hell to me, but they need to find another plot-line to follow and Ari Aster needs to put in more shocking scares like he did in his previous films. There was maybe one, two at the most in Midsommar and it wasn’t enough for me to give him the respect like I did for my favorite horror film Hereditary.

I always suggest you see any film I review for yourself. We all have different taste and different life experiences that can make someone like a film more than others. Many of my personal favorite movies of all time have terrible reviews. For this film I feel like it could redeem itself after the second or third viewing, or even a followup film that shows that this was more an origin story. But for now I’ll give it a 5/10.

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