Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoilers…Kind Of)

Ok I’ll admit it, I fell asleep the first time I tried watching Spider-Man Far From Home. I don’t know if it was the hangover from the epic that was Avengers:Endgame or the super slow start to the movie, but I was constantly losing interest throughout the first hour or so of the movie. When you hit that hour mark you finally figure out whats going on and who the main antagonist is. After that its off to the races to being another epic movie in the Marvel Universe.

There were definitely a few questionable scenes though-out the movie but my main gripe is this. You’d think after the first Avengers movie there would be no other solo movies that weren’t origin stories that take place on Earth. You’d think that once the superhero came in contact with a being that they had to fight they’d call the crew to come a deal with it quick and painless. Instead we just see Spider-Man getting his ass kicked 90% of the movie then somehow when you thought he was down for the count he pulls through and defeats his foe. I know they cant only make Avengers films with a crazy cast but its always been my gripe since reading the comics when I was a kid. I know they did a lame attempt to cover up why he was the only one to fight in this movie but come on, Doctor Strange is too busy?!? That seemed a little too vague in reasoning and the feeling of just lazy writing overall.

Looking back I thought it was a pretty good Marvel film that re-energizes me, my love for the franchise, and the hype that I’ll carry till the next film comes out in the summer of 2020. I wouldn’t place it in my top 5 or even top 10 Marvel movies, but it is a Marvel film and nearly impossible to not somewhat enjoy. We can only pray that there is a resolve in the Sony/Disney fight over Spider-Man rights because whats the Avengers without their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

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